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Got up early to test out my new rear stand, some elcheapo venom branded stand from amazon. I replaced all the hardware with steel bolts/washers/nuts and it felt safe so I put the bike on the stand which was really easy. I thought maybe i'd ask my wife to help but its real straight forward and the bike is easily manipulated while teetering.

I found my shifting was a little clunky so I looked at my clutch free play and it was about a 1/4" which is a bit more than the spec. Adjusted the clutch, then I checked my idle which felt/sounded to low from day 1. It was hovering right at 1000-1050. Turned idle up to 1300-1350, much easier to smoothly get out on first while stopped on hills. Cleaned the chain then power washed the bike and drove it around Austin for 15 minutes.

Put the bike back on the stand and added some chain wax. Lubed up everything with a hinge, pin, or pivot.

Packed up some chex mix and a few water bottles. It wasn't the most advernture-some ride, no gps and I totally missed the lake I was gonna go putt around. but it was my first ride of more than 20 miles distance. I still have about 1.5-2 gallons of fuel in the tank. I took most of the backroads at the pace of the locals. I really focused on smooth up/down shifts, stopping at lights like a limo driver would (ie no forward drive then spring back when stopped) and generally just being smoother or at least trying to.

Thoughts after the journey: I need to lose weight, my motorcycle entirely to many boobs futtering about. :( I can definitely see when dropping some more weight than what I had already lost will give me a greater advantage on the bike or any bike for that matter. Knees, back, heat, fatigue etc... I love riding, cant believe I didnt start sooner.


2009 Kawasaki Versys								
3/2/2013	592	clean and lube chain						
3/2/2013	592	check clutch and throttle play				both seem a little loose		
3/2/2013	592	check brakes and shifter linkage						
3/2/2013	592	chain slack is within the 1.4" tolerance						
3/3/2013	634	Oil and Filter Change (Rotella T6 5w-40 full syn and purolator classic filter)						
3/3/2013	634	Check for oil leaks, coolant lines, re check brake lines, throttle linkage all was good						
3/3/2013	634	Bike is still clean, checked underside near rectifier, no grime just dust, need to clean in the next few weeks unless it rains						
3/3/2013	634	verified no fuel line cracks or leaks. Inspected exhaust system for fractures/cracks/leaks/rust						
3/3/2013	634	No abnormal tirewear or rattling/knocking or other noises						
3/3/2013	634	Adjusted rear preload to level 6						
3/3/2013	634	Verified side stand switch and engine switch and key cuts motor						
3/7/2013	835	Checked tire pressure, front good at 32psi, rear low at 33psi put in 36psi. Checked chain lube still wet. Installed Puig frame sliders and Puig rear hugger. 						
3/10/2013	965	cleaned and lubed chain with chain wax						
3/16/2013	1090	power wash bike						
3/16/2013	1090	inspected chain condition and chain slack					SLACK=	1.2"
3/16/2013	1090	cleaned and lubed chain with chain wax						
3/16/2013	1090	Adjust clutch slack						
3/16/2013	1090	Check tire pressure			set rear 38psi front 34psi			
3/16/2013	1090	Check and set engine idle to 1300-1350						
3/16/2013	1090	Lube shifter mechanism						
3/16/2013	1090	Lube pegs rider and passenger				Found small spots of rust on all pegs, found small stops of rust under dash, oiled both areas		
3/16/2013	TBD	Check coolant level and check coolant hoses						
3/16/2013	TBD	Lube throtte cable						
3/16/2013	TBD	Adjust throttle slack						
3/16/2013	TBD	Lube clutch cable

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Sounds like it was a good day.:yeahsmile:

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90ish?? Do you live west of the Mississippi? West Texas, Arizona or New Mexico maybe? If you're east of Big Muddy I'm impressed. Obviously no Rozzers along your route of travel. :D
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