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MadStad Sports CR Screen and RoboBracket

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I'm 6'4" (195cm) and there is little to no options for screens in Australia.
For the last 3-4 months I have been riding naked :eek:

BUT... Finally my New Screen!

I been fighting buffeting with my stock Kawasaki/MRA Tall screen.
I have even built risers, which helped but because the screen is narrow I got Side buffeting.

So after reading and posting in the forums and listening to what others have used, I ignored you all and went with MadStad Sports CR 20" Screen in Light Grey for my 2012 Versys.


Looked at MRA X-Creen - too expensive and no guarentee of a fix
everyone else puts on a Givi - but every one else has been less than 6'
Looked at Cali-Sci - heavy surfboard and shipping killer.
All use the stock screen mounting position - lots of options there to play with!

Basically it came down to ... Buy from USA and Ship to Australia and what if it does not fix the buffeting problem?

Well Motorrad Garage in Western Australia distributes all the SW-Motech stuff/ Bag Connections gear and where I found the MadStad screens. Basically They have most of all the Aftermarket parts you want for your Versys in Australia and Prices are decent. Well I ordered most of the Versys farkles from them as it worked out cheaper than shipping multiple parts from USA etc.

So here it is:

And this is my view from the pilot seat:

The RoboBrakets sold me... Fully customisable screen angle, depth and height range. Knobs can be undone with gloves and look at the built in GPS mounting surface the Adapter Bracket provides.

Adapter bracket mounts to the stock screen location using the stock Well Nuts (4 per side). As I have Brackets for my LED Light Bar using the lower holes with M8 Bolts and Nuts, I did have to enlarge the lower adapter bracket holes.

Today was my 2nd half day trip with it and it is great.
I chose a light Grey tinted screen as the clear does not offer any glare protection, and if you go darker then it is harder to see the road surface at night. Also the darker the screen the more top heavy the bike looks.

Current angle is not the recommended 60deg but more like 45-50 deg.
There is no buffeting at either angle, but 45-50deg there is less wind noise for me.

It is really comfortable to cruise around now on the freeways.
I can sit bolt upright and my arms are not getting tired from holding me on from the air pressure on my chest.

So riding naked was great. Wind in the hair, Clean Air in the helmet, No Buffeting, No overheating head, Jacket gets blow dried... but cannot ride with the visor cracked open as the wind whistle is 100x

So now adding the MadStad Screen...
The large gap under the screen does allow air to pass through, jackets still gets air flow so body will not overheat. I am not holding onto the bars anymore from the air pressure. In the rain... well I only rid light rain and it performed well keeping my body from getting soaked.

Is there a downside... Yes.
I do sweat. Who doesn't. With less air on the helmet the head has less cooling. That's not too bad a thing... it is winter here ATM so my head is now warm, but I do have to ride more with the visor cracked to prevent fogging, but I can do this now as there is no wind whistle deafening me. (Oh and I ride with ear plugs anyway) When Summer comes back around and heat is on... I'll adjust the screen for a bit more air.
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Great write up and pictures Gigitt, I've been procrastinating about getting the Madstad for mine for about 18 months now. May have to bite the bullet now I can get it locally.
I was asked for close up side view pics of the Robobrackets adjustment arms, as the MadStad and other web sites show the older and out-of-date double pivot arm bracket.
New bracket is just 2 pieces of sheet metal that pivot and slide on bolts.


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well, I think that just sold me! thanks for the pictures Gigitt! :thanx:

im roughly 6'1" 32" inseam and I get a bit of helmet vibration at highway speeds. not much buffeting, but a lot of wind noise. all the other screens have either been hit or miss with 6'+ riders, so im definitely considering this screen.

I've read that with the higher screens, that the mounting points have cracked on some bikes, but I couldn't figure out if it was on the mk1 or the mk2 versys. that mount looks pretty strong though, using 4 bolt holes per side, I don't think it would be an issue.

now to just save up the dough and order one.
I also went with the madstsad 20" for my 2012v. I was a little frustrated at first until I moved the rear original flyscreen mount to the higher position. That gave me more adjustability. Before, the screen was fully raised and angled forward allthe way. after, I could reduce forward angle and height, giving me the option to fine tune. My angle is about 55 degrees. :) BTW, what is the extra bracket below the original mounts for?
Nice. Aussie graffiti rocks.
Yeah, leave that nice black motorcycle there overnight and it may have nice Aussie graffiti on it too.

I used to think Madstadd was the best alternative until I found out about Givi AirFlow. Whereas you constantly have to fiddle with the adjustments on the Madstadd for every speed and wind direction, the Givi Airflow compresses the air at any speed to shoot the airflow and wind sound over your head. I'll have mine on my Vs. 650 soon: no wind sound is wonderful.
BTW, what is the extra bracket below the original mounts for?

LED light bar mount :)

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