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My 2015 Versys 650 has been lowered plus the foot-pegs have also been lowered. To install a SW Motech centre stand would be a challenge … but not difficult to do.

SW Motech Centre Stand

The lowered foot-pegs (Moto Werks lowering blocks) on my Versys interfere with the SW Motech centre stand. The bottom tip of the right hand side lowering block hits the top of the centre stand bracket.

To correct this, a small piece of the centre stand bracket would need to be cut out in order to let the foot-peg block fall into place. A piece of steel would then most probably need to be welded to the back of the stand bracket ... This did not appeal to me.

I therefore decided to modify my SW-Motech Ion Dual Position Foot-pegs instead of cutting into the centre stand.

The foot-pegs will be lowered by the same amount as with the Moto Werks lowering blocks by using pieces of 3/8 inch X 3 inch x 1 1/4 inch aluminum strapping.

These plates will now cause my pegs to be lowered by 1 1/8 inches (same as Moto Werks lowering blocks).

Class 8.8 flat head cap screws: M8 – 1.25 (x 16mm +/-)

Class 8.8 flat head cap screws ¼ - 20 (x 1 inch +/-)

This is the end result.

The foot-pegs now easily clear the centre stand.

Lowering the centre stand

Since my Versys 650 was lowered, the centre stand also needed to be lowered. Otherwise I would have great difficulty to bring the bike up on the centre stand.

The measured distance from the middle of the centre stand holding strap (under the muffler) to the floor showed that my bike had been lowered by approximately ¾ inch at that point (compared to OEM). The centre stand would therefore need to be shortened by ¾ inch.

The centre stand was scribe marked to indicate the cut locations and also to line up the posts properly.

Holes were also drilled into the legs in order to later permit welding of slugs inside each leg. This reinforced each leg and also ensured that the legs were straight.

Centre stand ready to receive the slugs.

Slugs inserted into each leg.

Centre stand welded and ready for powdercoating.

Powdercoated centre stand.

A brake drum spring removal tool makes the installation and removal of the centre stand spring extremely easy. This should only take a few seconds to do. :)

Spring installation

Install the spring as shown in the above diagram

Pass the notched end of the brake drum spring tool through the rear spring end and then over the rear spring anchor post. Lift the spring over the post.

To remove the spring from the stand, place the socket end over the spring anchor post and twist to remove the spring.


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