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Greetings Lower MPG Seekers,

After reading your post thought these links might help clarify some ambiguities about how to INCREASE your mpg on any sprocket/chain final drive bike. Not only will it INCREASE your mpg it will idle at much lower rpm around town and on the open highway and that INCREASES your engine life.

I used to have a 03 KLR 650 before they stole it and change my primary sprocket + one tooth which is equal to -3 in the rear sprocket. It takes a few minutes much easier than having to remove your rear wheel to change the rear sprocket. But it increased my mpg by 30% (not bad) my engine purred down the highway at 80 mph a cruise for it then. And I did two states away camping with no worries going through any dirt roads carrying all my gear.

Warning: if you live in an apartment or don’t have a garage lock your KLR to the biggest strongest thing you can find. Had I done that I would still be enjoying my KLR. You live and learn.

Links are:

How to Understand Motorcycle Sprocket Math & Drive Ratios...


Sprocket calculator


Understanding chains


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