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I've tried lots of seat mods trying to get a seat that's as low, or lower, than the OEM gel seat, and is also comfortable. Until today, the best I'd found was to remove all the front foam from the OEM seat, and replace with layers of gel and foam, adjusted to fit my butt; and that worked fairly well.

Recently, I read here about the new Air Hawk "R" air-cushion. It had a re-designed layout of the air-cells to leave a center strip (front to back) to reduce pressure on the tail-bone. I'd tried a medium cruiser Air Hawk cushion earlier - both under the seat cover and on top of the seat. Was not comfortable under the set cover (air in the cells could not move around properly), and wasn't as good on top as my mod with the gel layers underneath.

I tried the Air Hawk R on top of my current best-mod seat, and it was very comfortable. However, it raised the height around 1.5" and I could no longer flat-foot.

So, I removed all the foam/gel from the seat, stapled the cover back down with no foam at all, and put the Air Hawk R back on top. It was amazing! I could flat-foot fine, and the seat was very comfortable. I rode for almost two hours with not butt burn. The Air Hawk R is a little pricey, but it's fairly simple to remove the front OEM foam, staple the cover back and put on a comfortable seat that also drops the seat height around 2". And, overall, it's much cheaper than the OEM gel seat, much more comfortable, and is a bit lower.
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