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Okay, so this might be a little long, so you might want to go back on your browser. :)

So, after having my heart set on a KLR650, researching it, almost even purchased one...I changed (thanks to y'all) to the Versys. I of course researched it the best I could and other bikes. Still found myself coming back to the Versys. So, I bought it, brought it home, and then worked the next 6 days so I couldn't ride.

Traded lowers already, got everything (tag/title/registration) done today and finally went out and rode her some. Actually, I wasn't even the first one to ride my bike, my brother-in-law was. He kept on looking it up and down, and I finally asked him if he was going to break it in for me. He then said sure and rode it for about 5 miles and came back. :)

Okay, but back to the point, I have to tell you about how fantastic a guy Jrider is! So, I post a thread to trade lowers, he responds and we coordinate it. Not only that, but I work weekends and nights, so he said that he would meet up with me whenever was convenient for me. We live approximately 60 miles away from each other so we met in Upper Marlboro (approximately the middle) and traded there. Well, this worked out for me as well because the DMV/MVA is about 10 minutes from there and I had to go there anyway.

He was there right on time, lowers in really good condtion, friendly, and helpful. Now, this might be normal, but this is where he goes a bit beyond.

1) When I removed the lowers I had no clue about the washer/spacer and turned them over with the lowers I gave him. He promptly gave them back to me and told me that I would need those.

2) He told me about the suspension and made a good recommendation based upon my size/stature. (I didn't even ask about this.)

3) I put an old helmet on my car so that I would be easily recognizable from a distance. Before heading out, he gave me a questionable look and asked if that was my helmet. I of course responded no and that it was old.

So, lets sum up. Nice, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, gave me advice, and worried about my safety. I mean, what a great guy!

Down side, I was in kind of a rush and had to get out of there. I wish I could have talked longer and learned/heard more. On the up side though, hopefully one day we can ride together. :)

So, Jrider, just like everyone else on here is pretty awesome! Pat yourself on your back guys! :)


Different note: Rode the bike some today. My goodness this thing is awesome! So much more power than I am used to!
Windscreen, didn't mean anything to me, just didn't bother me.

Mirrors, WHAT CRAP! I guess I have a thin frame because while I can see my shoulders, I can see behind me too. Though the vibration is horrible. You know how in a car you can tell the color of the vehicle following you, what type it is, and sometimes make out the person. Well, with the vibration on both mirrors I can see there is a vehicle behind me, if it is a truck or car, and that the color is either light or dark. But nothing else, have to pull the clutch in to get a clear picture. I know there are a lot of threads on here about the mirrors so I'll do some research there.

Oh yeah, and the front left yellow hazard/flasher/safety plastic reflector piece on the front (can't think of the proper name) fell off somewhere while riding. I'll try to hunt it down. Of course, that is much better than some other more valuable part falling off.

All in all, very pleased!

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