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Took a drive with the wife and son yesterday to a dealer that came highly recommended just to look around. She is interested in learning to ride and wants a 250 Ninja, which we'll have to wait for the '09s to come out.

I've been riding since the 4th grade, but haven't ridden much in the past 15 years at least. My last regular ride was a '80 Yamaha XS850G triple (the standard, not the Special). I did buy a used CSR 305 about 6 or so years ago to teach the wife to ride, but she just wasn't interested at the time, so I sold it to concentrate on flying, rather than riding.

Previous to our trip yesterday, I was pretty set on an SV650 standard if she really got into riding, but while at the dealer we were talking and he mentioned the Versys. I'd never really given the "crossover" type bikes any consideration at all, and the V-Strom is just BUTT ugly. But, I sat on the Versys and immediately I felt at home and really liked the layout, styling, and overal 'vibe' of the design.

I picked up the '08 brochure and upon returning home, did some research on the net and read the reviews and such and really thought to myself that this is the perfect bike - put on the hard bags, get the Vario windscreen and I'm all set to go anywhere.

So, I think I'll call the dealer tomorrow and see what sort of deal he might be able to put together on the Versys and a Ninja. I've not read a bad word about either of these bikes!

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