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1) Always pack rain gear
2) Waterproof boots are a necessity
3) Riding down south is great - left lane is fast lane, right is slow - which is so much better than the chaos that is N Va.
4) Pass trucks going up hill
5) White strips at stop lights are slippery
6) When you're tired pull over - much like the last run when skiing - pull over before you make a mistake
7) Secure rain cover on tank bag very well - they tend to fly off at 70mph - damnit
8) Check all screws/bolts after each run - lost a GPS mount bolt during the ride. I must have adjusted the angle and then not tightened it up - damnit
9) Don't assume the mirrors stay in the same place, adjust each morning. Gremlins moved mine each night.
10) If someone approaches you at a rest stop or other the answers are...in order...

a) Its a kawasaki Versys
b) Yes its fast enough
c) To bad about your cousins cousin who is now a quad thanks to a motorcycle accident
d) Thank you, Blue is the best color

11) Walking into a restaurant with gear and a helmet, you get some really odd looks. Yes I am here to steal your children and rob the place.

12) Harley riders don't wave down south either. Met up with FJR riders who were nice.
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