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Received my Leo Vince from MotoSports on Friday. It took about 2 hours of work with a buddy to get it installed. Removing the stock exhaust wasnt too bad. You dont have to remove the rear wheel like some have stated. You just have to loosen the headers a bit to give yourself a little bit of wiggle room. Once you have the stock exhaust off, it is pretty easy to get the new one installed. Of course take a moment to fire up the bike without the exhaust just to make the neighbors mad :dontcare:.

However, be sure to test fit everything as I did not have the exhaust pipe rotated in such a way that the right peg and rear brake would clear the pipe. If you have this problem, just rotate the pipe and fiddle with the mounts and it will fit. The instructions stated to use the 10mm spacer but I had to use the 14mm spacer. It might have been the way I mounted it so just keep that in mind. Overall the install was very simple and shouldnt take more than 2 hours. A ratchet, wrench, and allen key set, along with a few cold beers, are all you need.

With the dB insert out the pipe sounds great...but is a little loud for my taste. For the short rides around town or to-and-from work it isnt too bad. However, it will probably be too loud for the long haul trips if that is your thing. With the dB insert in the pipe still has that low end rumble but definitely kills that high end rumble in the high-RPM range. I did 15 miles with insert out and another 15 miles with it in and I could definitely tell the difference.

Overall I highly recommend this exhaust. Install is a breeze, it sounds great, and definitely adds to the bikes cool factor. If you have any more questions I will be happy to answer them.

Keep the rubber down.
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