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Came via email today...


LEOVINCE USA Inventory Reduction Sale - Retail Pricing is now 35-50% Off MSRP!!
Get the best exhausts in the U.S. at reduced pricing until the end of the year!
LeoVince USA has moved to a business model of being entirely self distributed in the U.S. This year we ended our final distributior relationship and have now begun a serious inventory clean-up and reduction.

The Sale begins today, Monday, October 25, 2010. The product will consist primarily of active inventory that was accumulated through returned and rotated product from prior distribution deals.

The sale offers an aggressively reduced dealer pricing structure on a large assortment of LeoVince SBK and X3 Exhausts.

This new pricing will be available on select SBK Factory Full Systems, Factory Slip-ons, SBK Silver unlimited Slip-ons, SBK Oval Slip-ons, X3 Titanium Full Systems, X3 Stainless Full Systems, and X3 Stainless Headers.

New Retail Pricing Available On The Following Product:
• SBK Factory Corsa Titanium Full Systems
• SBK Factory Full Systems
• SBK Factory Slip-ons
• SBK Unlimited Silver Slip-ons
• SBK Oval Slip-ons
• X3 Titanium Full Systems
• X3 Stainless Full System
• X3 Stainless Headers
To take advantage of this sale, contact our sales department at 510-232-4040 or email [email protected].

LeoVince USA
1445 B South 50th Street
Richmond, CA 94804
(w) www.leovinceusa.com
(t) 510-232-4040
(f) 510-232-4141

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I'd be careful ordering as when I entered my bike make and model/year' up popped a 4 into one set-up...and when checking out another system the page specified years up to only 2008...I had entered mine as an '09, of course...cause thats what it is...a couple indescrepancies there...I would defiantly talk to someone before ordering for assurances.

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They are trying to reduce inventory on systems that are discontinued.
Only thing that has changed for current models is the fact that dealers
no longer have to list MSRP on their websites.
If you're interested in LV products, let me know as I have not changed
the prices on my site yet.
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