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Help removing Leo Vince evo II db killer?

Hello all!

I just installed my new Leo Vince EvoII slip on and it sounds great! The muffler came with some additional hardware in a pouch with some warnings re: removing the baffle. Wanting to hear what it sounds like without the db killer, I went to remove it and noticed that it was affixed with a one way screw (only turns in with other sides sheared off) and has a spot of solder or some such holding the nut on the inside. I was wondering if anyone has come up against this same and has a handy way to remove the db killer without scratchin up the can (...before i grab the dremel and get medieval on it's ass). I know they're probably doing that for liability purposes (street legality) but I would rather have the option to remove.

Thanks all!

"I survived the Alaska Highway, the Dalton and meeting EdNukey!"

ps.. also slapped on some KTM handguards. following advice from Bones, install wasn't too bad at all!
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