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We have had some really great temps here considering the first month of winter is just over a month away, 25 Celsius on saturday. When for a ride today on Easter Sunday as it was another exceptional warm day for this time of year and thought i needed to make the most of it as the bike gets parked up at end of may to save some costs.

Just went for a random ride around some country roads close to me that i have never been on, had some with a few kms of gravel then very narrow/twisty sealed roads up and down some fun little tight hills.

Seen a few signs like this and the versys and myself just have a great big smile about this sort of sign.

Nice little cafe on the top of a twisty hill between Farlie and Geraldine on my way to Rangitata to a great bike cafe called the chequered flag.

At the flag run into a father and son bike enthusiasts, who dad owned a 08 red V, this is only the 2nd V I have run into in my now 19,000 km of travel around MY island. Great couple of guys and had a good time sharing riding experiences and would love to ride with them some time.

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