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I installed the T-Rex branded Barkbusters hand protection and had a few things happen.
The T-Rex install video is lacking in a lot of information to get the T-Rex Part Number: "N50-17HandGuards" onto the Versys X300. LINK: https://www.t-rex-racing.com/ProductD...
To finish with a really stout set up that will be solid and offers the most protection compared to most other products watch this video. LINK:
(968) Kawasaki Versys X300 2017-2021 T-Rex branded Barkbusters Install detail you need to know - YouTube
I have other Versys X300 upgrade videos on the T-Rex Heavy Duty Skid Plate and install of a JT Sprockets 15 Tooth Rubber Cushion sprocket (using genuine Kawasaki parts and JT sprocket). Another video that I just uploaded is for full LED make over of the Versys X300 lights. I posted it here in the forum and on Youtube. Check out my channel. Planned is more coming on some electronics.


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