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Went to the demo event today. It was in the mid 40s in the afternoon so I rode the Road Glide there. I was looking over the bikes when they started signing up riders to bikes so there weren’t many choices I was interested in when I checked in. Fortunately there weren’t many riders so I would have multiple opportunities to ride other bikes.
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I started on the KLR650. I owned a heavily modified 2008 KLR so I was curious to see how this 3rd generation rode. I can’t really compare it to what I had, and don’t think I would buy another one. I’m glad I rode it first because I would have been really disappointed after riding the other bikes.

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During that first ride, I found myself behind the Z900RS Cafe. The exhaust note on that bike was like euphonious music. I knew I needed to ride it next. Man oh man! I was falling in love with the sweet melody being emitted by that engine and exhaust. Then I gave it a burst of full throttle acceleration and the sound of the intake was angry and purposeful. I barely got out of 3rd gear during the ride because I was keeping the RPMs in the top 3rd of the RPM range. LOL! The only glaring negative thing about the RS is the very exposed radiator. No attempt to hide it and the radiator itself had unused tabs sticking out like it was a parts bin radiator. This beautiful music coming from a gorgeous singer with a large hairy mole on her nose.
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Next up was the redesigned Ninja 1000. It now has electronic cruise control and many other features like TFT display. Back in 2011 when I was riding a Ninja 650 I thought the Ninja 1000 would replace it. This was the demo event where I walked away disappointed with the Ninja 1000, but knew I would own a Concours 1400, and immediately bought the Versys 650. This redesigned Ninja 1000 was a much improved machine, but a little too aggressive for me these days.
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Then finally hopped on the redesigned Versys 650. I really liked the color scheme and the new TFT display. The fully adjustable front suspension and the remote preload adjustable rear shock were nice upgrades. From the rider perspective it felt much like my 2011, and the locked in seating position got old quickly for me. Fun ride, but I want more in that style bike these days.
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I may head back tomorrow and ride some of the 400s and possibly the Vulcan 650. The dealer also has a used Triumph Thruxton that is of interest to me that I might ride.
I rode my Z900RS today and even after riding for a little over an hour in Miami traffic, I came home with a shit eating grin on my face. :)
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