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Stanley and I do another tri-state loop but this time we do S.C. and not Tn. it was a great day to ride.

We leave Suches at 7:30 am and head across hwy 180 to Hiawassee Ga. and then to Clayton where we pick up Warwoman Road and head for hwy 28 into S.C., from there we take Hwy 107 to 64 and 64 to 215. 215 is a great road that you will fall in love with. We get off on the Blueridge Parkway and take it to Dilliard N.C. then onto Franklin and back to Hiawassee Ga. We go west on 76 and then take Track Rock Gap road back to Hwy 180 and end up back at TWO in Suches.
The map has all the info. Just click on the little blue markers.

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