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Rode up to the Reynolds Museum (and Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame) yesterday morning. Sunny and cool when I left (forecast was sunny with cloudy periods...), so I was wearing my First Gear Kilimanjaro jacket over a polar fleece; Frank Thomas NON-waterproof pants and NON-waterproof riding boots (figured my waterproof boots would be too warm...:badidea:) but I did put MX wool sox on :)goodidea:). The 2 hour ride north was pretty boring, but the clouds out west were rather intimidating looking as I pulled in to the museum to meet my buddy from Edmonton. He pulled up in his pickup and acknowledged my call of "P*ssy!" explaining that it was raining at his place. We spent several hours in this marvelous facility, then went out to head for home.

It was starting to "spit" so he wished me luck as I launched south. Stopped in Ponoka at the rodeo (second largest here, next to the Calgary Stampede) to visit my brother, top rodeo photographer, then left in rain. By the time Hwy 2A joined Hwy 2 it was raining harder and traffic was turning into bumper-to-bumper. (Kinda wished I'd brought rain gear by then :eek:)

By Red Deer the rain was pretty much a "gully washer" with wind out of the west so my right leg and foot were wet (and cold!), and traffic very heavy. I couldn't escape Hwy 2 for another 40 miles or so, so I 'soldiered' on. At least my upper body was dry and MOSTLY warm as was my head (my gloves were SOAKED). Turned back onto Hwy 2A just south of Bowden, and the rain began diminishing :clap: , till pretty much stopped by Olds, and I arrived home 20 minutes later.

Still and all - a good ride, though a bit wet for a 'sunny with cloudy periods' day...! :censored:
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