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I just installed my doohickey 2 days ago.

You can tell that lots of "old guys" have KLR's by the names of the aftermarket products they invent for the bike. Names like Doohickey's and Thermo bob's. I installed a Thermobob the day before the doohickey. Now I am doohickey and thermobob compliant.

My KLR takes me back to my motorcycle roots. Back to the days of simplicity with out all the gee-wizz stuff of todays bikes. Stuff like lean angle traction control, launch control, anti-wheelie protection, lean angle ABS, quick shifter, normal mode, track mode, sport mode, rain mode, ECU's, and the list goes on and on.

Plus my KLR is EMP resistant. Should we endure an EMP attack all computerized vehicles will turn into Ford's...Found on Road Dead. But the trusty KLR will be just like a Timex watch. It will take a licking and keep on ticking.

How cool is that?
Unfortunately your KLR does have electronic ignition so not sure how EMP resistant it will be. At least you got the right color.

My 2008 was bought in 2008 from an MD who did every mod you could do to the bike to make it reliable, comfortable, handle well, and luggage for an Alaska trip he realized he wouldn't have time for so early in his career. Wish I would have kept it. There is no way I would do all those mods to a KLR myself.
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