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Since I will be 70 in December I figured it was time to start acting my age and get an OMB...Old Man Bike

I sold my 790 Duke and picked up a 2014 KLR 650 that only had 80 miles on it. That's right 80. Old guy bought it then hardly rode it due to health issues.

Sucker is really comfortable to ride and handles surprisingly well on the road. Have not had it off road much and will mainly stay on dirt roads or mellow trails just to connect one paved road to another.

Carbureted, no anti-skid brakes, and no bells or whistles. Super simple to work on. Can have all the plastic and gas tank off in less than 10 minutes. 6 gallon tank will yield about 300 miles range.

Maybe getting old is not so bad after all. Forget the rocking chair...just get a KLR.
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Great pix and welcome back to team green! Geeze, nowhere even close to broken in yet. Hope she takes you on many fine adventures!
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