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That was a great story. It brought me back to when I did the 1000/24 several years ago. Just like you we (my Buddy and I) left at around 4:00 AM. It kind of makes it feel like the day is just starting when the sun comes up and by that time you already have a few hours of the ride over. I leave at this time for most of my trips. I could feel like I was along with you as I read your tale.
We ended our ride at about 11:30 that evening. Eating during the ride consisted of a granola bar or similar while filling up with gas.
We went from Dayton Ohio, to Shamrock Texas. The next day I rode on to Phenix (another 800 miles) while my buddy headed back. While I felt pretty good about myself for doing it on my 2012 Electra glide I was more impressed with my buddy who rode it on a 250 Nija.
Congratulations on your accomplishment.
After reading this, now i'm wanting to do it again. LOL
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