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Awesome read and an awesome ride man! I haven’t checked off an iron butt on the Versys yet but it’s coming soon, got a ride and subsequent trip planned for early spring and I’m eager to see how the versys does. I think it should do better than my friends expect as the majority of them are still on typical massive touring bikes. Your post just reassured that mindset.

Last iron butt for me was with a road glide limited, a spontaneous ride with very little planning led to terrible routing and time management, at the 24 hour mark I was 1100 miles in and still over an hour from home. I had “planned” on the ride taking ~18 hours so at that level of fatigue all I wanted was a lighter, more nimble bike. Cue the versys…:cool:

Cheers to many more safe rides

Best tip I can offer is to buy a hydration pack, it’s been worth its weight in gold for me at least, but I’m easily dehydrated.

Looking forward to your update on the next one when you remember to document more of it for us!
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