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Guys - been riding the V since December, middle aged "back to biker" type !
Started this time around with a great little 125 Chinese cruiser ! Made a lovely burbling sound - but only managed 45-50 max mph !
Now enjoying the versys (09 burnt orange) - what a great ride !
Just getting some summer sun here - and proud to wear my Cortech denim dry weather gear - which I proudly purchased a couple of months ago in Arvada, Denver Co (Motogear outlet)
The shop guy was amazed that I turned up from UK - spending a few days in Denver on business - but its a great jacket and I had to have one !
Probably the only one her in Cornwall, UK !
Finding some great info on this site - and will share anything relevant as it develops.

First charity ride at Plymouth in a couple of weeks - could be 3-4000 bikes - all following the "boys in blue" for a couple of hours - just to keep all us bikers under proper law abiding control !!

Ride safe to all.
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