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OMG - Rigid Industries D2 spots - awesome!


You guys warned me on the Chinese 'TMS' brand / type. One is dim, less than 1 year. These D2's are bright, well made, heavy duty and look so trick on the bike with my Dimotiv Engine Guards and PIAA mounts. They tuck right under the honda pxc150 beak I installed last week. I got the amber covers so it's like having two lights in one.

This kit comes complete with a really nice wire harness, nice waterproof connectors and same for the lighted switch and inline fuse. Easy install and quality all the way! Great warranty as well.

The company these were purchased from 'Internet Sales', are great! I called their CS before my purchase, talked to a nice gal that was able to answer ALL of my questions.

The only issue (minor), the bracket on their kit is silver and not black like some of the others that are a tad more expensive, these may be an earlier set but they work great.

I still need to remove my old harness and install the new one - it's compact and better suited for a motorcycle. :yeahsmile:
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