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A few weeks back I bought the Givi FZ451 Topcase mounting arms, thinking that they would fit with the factory sidecase mounts (after all they are both made by Givi right?) Wrong. I thought about returning it, or selling it, but then a friend and I came up with a solution. (Yes. I know my workspace is messy)

We made a few parts:

We needed a bracket to allow the rearmost mounting point of the arms enough clearance on the sidecase mount. So we cut two brackets:

Here it is attached to the arm:

The front of the topcase arm fit perfectly in place:

We cut some collars to mimic the shoulder on the stock bolt (that held the side reflectors):

Voila! Both arms in place:

Now these crossmembers to create a “rack” where the mounting plate can be fastened:

Cheapo (seriously the quality of the bag is not bad at all) JC Whitney universal top case mount in place:

Not too shabby:

These lazy chubby bast***s did not help at all:

Old Kawasaki Joke:

I hope this helped you or inspired you to be creative in solving problems that often have the best of us cursing and throwing tools across the garage.
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