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Burnt Stators

It was a hot day, 8-year old battery in need of replacement and an extra load caused by a smarphone running a navigation app… my stator cooked! (30K kilometers on my 07 Versys)
Where I live kawi dealer sells it for some $500. Rick’s stators go about $250. (not including labour, which I’d do myself)
Either way, since I took it all apart, I’m wondering, how hard could it be? a bit of wire and some paint?

Here is what I figured out so far:
  • Wire: 1.1mm
  • Pattern: Delta
  • Winds: probably 30-40 (I’ll find out during the reverse eng. part of the adventure)
Some useful instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Rebuild-your-bike-s-expensive-stator/
(instructions show a star pattern, kawi uses Delta)

Hos anyone done it before? Willing to share some advice?



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