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So I keep preparing the V for spring, and travels to come. Today was really rainy so I took the rack I've made for the previous bike and adapted to the V. It's nothing fancy, just some metal soldered together and some cheap painting. All homebrew. The bag was custom made by a local craftman with thermosewing technique. Since becoming a father of 2 my trips are no longer of one week or more, so just some weekend rides, and with this tail bag I cover all my needs on a weekend trip. So I decided to use the rear handles to mount the support. Just removed the plastic covers and use the holes to attach the structure. It's a easy job to do, just remove 4 bolts, and add 4 new bolts to secure the rack. It goes just over the rear seat, so nothing goes beyond the end of the bike. And as I travel alone, I don't mind loosing the pillion place, also the bag works as backrest... The only thing I'm not so sure is about the weight hanging there, the handles are mounted on rubber so they move, and with the bag over them, I'm not quite sure the long term reliability.

The rack over the handles, some painting was done after finishing the setup

The V with the tailbag ready to go.

Maybe I'll get some high density foam to put between the rack and the seat, so part of the weight rest over the seat...
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