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Hello, my name is HC and I'm a sexaholic. Wait. Wrong forum.

I'm supposed to post twice here before I can post elsewhere so you know I'm not a spambot.


I have a Versys. Just purchased it yesterday. Test rode it 10 months ago. Was looking for a new KLR to replace my bought-used one and saw they had the Versys...still. A 2013. Sitting on the showroom floor 2 years old. New (16 miles on it and I was the person who put them on it). Hmm, I smelled *DEAL*!

I liked it last year and they offered me a great price...$7,999 down to $5,750! Except they then hit me with all kinds of fees (shipping/freight at about 400, assembly/setup at almost 600!!) which brought me back up to $7,300 out the door (Tax, Title, License, freight, assembly, air in tires, patina of showroom dust, et cetera). BS! So I left it.

Day before yesterday they quoted me a new price on the same unit. $5,850.00. Big difference...that price was OTD, "out the door"! Yeah, as soon as I bought it it became a 2 year old used bike but that price was too good to pass up. And I got them to throw in the oil, filter, and crush gasket for the first oil change AND a pair of soft-ties. I paid cash so there's no hidden fees they buried in some loan agreement...it was exactly $5,850.00.

I'm happy with it and I think I got a good deal on it. I hope so.

BTW, what I will be doing with this is to replace my used KLR for my volunteer rides. I don't do any real off-roading, I just need to be able to jump off the roadway onto soft shoulders and drainage ditches to clear the roadway when I stop. What I do is to escort cyclists on charity bicycle events, most notably is the MS 150 from Frisco to Fort Worth which I've done since 2007, each year. I stop to help with flats or other problems and I need to get out of the way of other cyclists and the vehicular traffic on the roads. The KLR did a good job (much better than my Honda cruiser) but a) it's used, b) it was abused and wrecked before I got it, so I wanted a brand new machine. I think the Versys will do nicely.

Anyway, I hope I've made a good choice in the Versys. Time will tell...and my next post (and the responses to it) will help tell, too.

Happy trails.


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