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Just replaced my very old and worn out Shoei Multitec with the new HJC RPHA (pronounced ARFA). I have been reading reviews and watching the Youtube reviews. All seemed favorable, but you never know until you try a helmet out yourself.

Without a doubt, this is the lightest helmet I have owned in 40 years. The fit and finish is very nice and the helmet is extraordinarily quiet. I get just some very slight noise when I open the vent. The air circulation is also better than I have ever had in a closed helmet. I am getting some serious air circulation! It is very comfortable. I did go one size up from what is recommended, but my head is in the in between size and I prefer that fit. The buttons are easy to use with my gloves on. I use a scala communication and the speakers fit very well. This was an easy install too for the scala wires.
The only down side and maybe this won't be bad for others, is the sunshield seems a little lighter than I am used to with my sunglasses on. I may change out to a darker shield later. These are available for the new helmet already.Update: The shield does a much better job than I originally thought and I have not needed my sunglasses.

For a modular helmet, in my opinion, I would say HJC did a exceptional job designing this one.
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