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High beam is unacceptably weak in the 650 - 2022 model.

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Hi there,

Apologies if the subject is already mentioned, but I failed to find anything before posting.
I rode in the night and I found the overall lights of my bike worryingly weak; the high beam is hardly noticeable, not high in angle and not capable of more than 100 m.
The dealership told me that there is nothing wrong with that and suggested not to compare with cars.
I also had installed the fog lights, mostly out of security reasons (to be seen) but the high beam is a strong disappointment.
The installed heated grips along with the fog lights do only allow for 36W consumption out of the also installed 12V outlet.
So I don't know how to compensate for the missing strength as most additional strong lights come to wattages like 60 and 90!

All ideas and comments welcome.

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I've found most motorbike lights to be inadequate. This is due to the complex reflector designs for new shapes mostly. In the old days I'd shove a H4 130/75 W into the glass lens round housing but with plastic lens you need to be more careful. I'd like to go HID (I prefer it to LED) but it's illegal where I live.
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