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Well I remembered I put the relay in the front so I could power USB outlet, so I already have a power source. Had to remove the body work up front, Wanted to update to LED lighting and needed all the access I could get.. I just need to
install the switch and button her up, and she will be done for a while.
I am retired now but I worked third shift for 14 years with a 26 mile commute one way through Indiana back roads. I
needed lots of light. I totaled three bikes in 15 years, mostly because of me not seeing Deer. I want to have a better view
and should now have it.
By the way shame on me. I got this bike in March and have not rode it after sunset yet.
After I totaled the 1st bike hitting a deer I would have bought a cage to ride to work.

I pretty much just ride during daylight hours now, but when I commuted to work I would have to ride in the dark going in at least 6 months out of the year. I've had deer cross in front of me, run beside me, turn around and run back into the woods, and one time in fog, 3 of them just stood in the road while I braked hard and came to a stop before they moved on.

When on road trips I never rode in the dark. Seeing all the fresh roadkill in the mornings made me glad I made that decision.
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