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Hello from California! new here, with a new to me '16 V1. Scored her with 4.5k miles, which has already exceeded 6.5k since!
Got the V1 for 2-up touring, but it has slowly been replacing my '08 STriple as my daily commuter >.>

Had a '15 sunset orange for a few months (hence the 2019 join date) before I was hit and run on my commute.
Got through that, learned some life lessons along the away, and now we're back to touring on two wheels!

Had her for a couple months now and we've already taken her along PCH from LA to SF. Obligatory photo from Moonstone Beach.
Planning a trip north soon to finish riding the length of PCH.
Then we're off to explore the back roads of the USA to avoid civilization!
This is THE comfiest bike I've had the pleasure of owning, which is not a long list & mostly consists of sport bikes.

We've already added a Corbin seat, top bag/back rest for the lady, and recently a set of amber Denali DR1s for visibility. Had to add a throttle lock as well.
After much research I snagged some LED lights that don't alter the typical halogen beam pattern, and am loving the extra light.
Also installed a full Delkevic system that I bought originally for the '15. Definitely get noticed on the road more as a result :p
Looking to add a windshield soon, got my eyes on the Madstad 24" whenever the tinted screens are back in stock..
Getting new rubber this weekend, she's still got the same tires she was sold with (mfg 2015) and the rubber definitely is looking the part after our PCH ride.

Anyways, nice to meet you all, here's to many miles spent lost in the twisties!

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