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I've been looking into Adventure Touring bikes for some years, and finally couldn't stand it and grabbed a Versys. I previously owned a 1980 Honda CX 500 from the mind 1990's until 2004 when it croaked. It was an old, heavy, and slow road bike; really just a "grocery getter" for my use. After nearly 15 years without a motorcycle, I found a used Versys with low mileage and picked it up two weeks ago. 2015 Versys 650 LT with 2,200 miles.

It is really nice to be back on a motorcycle, and I've enjoyed reading threads on this forum for quite some time while I was considering bikes. I was quite intrigued by the Versys 300 X (and BMW G-310GS), and test rode a Versys 300 locally. The 300 was a fun bike, I liked the light weight, but in my location I want to put down some highway miles in Utah and Colorado to get to places, and the 650 just made good sense and the price was comparable with the few miles on it. After a few hours back on the bike the 650 doesn't feel so big or heavy as the first few hours. My old Honda out weighed it by 75 pounds or so.

Sure, the 650 LT isn't designed for major off-road, but I'm interested much more in exploring dirt roads and easy "jeep" roads in the area than heavy off-roading. The Versys 650 will do just fine. I'll be putting a skid plate on shortly. So far, after about 150 miles, it is great to be back on a bike and I am enjoying how the Versys feels underneath me.

I also mountain bike, and for the real 'technical' stuff I have more fun under my own power (and it's a lot easier when you come off the bike!).

The photo is taken in the Colorado National Monument, a nice curvy and very scenic road near Grand Junction, Colorado. How could I resist riding that? Side bags are off until the first out of town adventure.


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