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I have recently started looking at bikes that I thought I would like
and could afford. I finally found a Versys about 85 miles from
my home town and drove up to take a look. The Versys has a great
look and a saddle kinda seat that seems like a great fit for me. The
dealership did not have it serviced out yet,so I could not hear it run
or ride it. The bike was tall with a good wide spread on the handlebars
that seemed comfortable. I have read a bunch or reviews on this site
and the internet there is a lot of great things said about the VERSYS
its got to be true. Its a great bike. I want to stay with two cylinder
bikes in my comparisons. I still want to checkout at least one more bike
and that is the BMW800S has anyone rode a BMW800 and compared it
to the VERYS yet. I have not seen a review about a comparison. I will
have to drive to the big city of Houston Texas to find one. The BMW
is more expensive so that is a mark against it. Has anyone rode a 800
and if you have, would you let me know your thougts about the two. Or
has anyone found a review of the two bikes together in comparison.
I am leaning toward the Versys heavily,
The best deal I can scrape up around here is $6450.00 for the bike,
$570.00 years of extended Warranty plus ttl puts it around $7600.00
out the door.
What do you think.

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Hi DMC51,

I have been looking around Texas for a good deal on the Versys and found that the prices are pretty much where you are finding them as well. Texas City Kawasaki is selling the Versys for 6999.00 OTD w/o the extended warranty.

I spent some time speaking with a wrench I know in McAllen and he was of the opinion that the Versys is a rock solid machine and should provide a reliable ride. My experience with extended warranties has been that if they didn't make money on them, they wouldn't be sold. Every Jap bike I have owned has given my many years of reliable service w/o any problems, to me $570.00 buys a lot of repairs, I guess it depends on your comfort level though.

I just picked up a used Versys for $5,000 OTD w/o Sales tax and registration from a Ducati dealer just outside of Dallas. There should be a few more deals as we get further into the model year for both new and used.

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