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I'm brand spankin new to motorcycling and the Versys is my first bike! It's actually only the 2nd bike I've ever ridden, but the Honda Nitehawk I road during the MSF course shouldn't count!

My dad has been riding for many years and I've been a passenger with him a couple times and have loved it. My wife and I only have 1 car and were on the hunt for a second mode of transportation when SHE brought up getting a bike. I laughed, but several months later here I am the proud owner of a blue '09 as of 10 days ago!

Having just passed the MSF course a week ago, I'm still learning the ropes, and have only been out on my bike a handful of times. I'm taking it easy while I learn and practice.

The only upgrades I have for it are a Backoff brake modulator and Givi windscreen and Givi topcase (both on order). Anyways, I've already posted a couple times here, but thought I'd "officially" introduce myself!
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