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Just signed on the dotted line about an hour ago for my new 2008 Blue Versys. I guess that makes me part of the Versys group now. I'm leaving behind a 2004 BMW F650CS. I loved the bike but I just couldn't deal with the service options that are available in my area. The Kawasaki shop is just down the road and the people that deal with them say they are pretty good and their prices for service are reasonable.

Enough of the whining and crying about my old bike and let me tell you about the new bike - most of which you have already discovered for yourself. My Versys will have the givi hard bags and wind screen. I plan to add the heated grips later. I really liked them on my CS. I'm thoroughly impressed by the build quality of this bike. Even the handlebar yoke is a beautiful casting. On other bikes, that part seems to be an after thought.

I've visited this forum several times in the past few weeks while I was mulling over my decision. I want to say thank you all for the helpful postings on this site. I'm a bit of a safety nut and I ride ATGATT - it made me feel at home when I saw all of the postings on gear and safety.

I'll be stopping in as much my free time allows otherwise I'll be out enjoying my new Versys.

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