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I loved bikes when growing up and whenever I had the chance, jumped at every opportunity. We had the old Honda on/off road 175cc(?) for a short time, but the parents thought it was too dangerous for us and sold it off.
My next serious experience was in '93 while stationed in Ca. I bought a '84 or '85(?) Honda Interceptor 500 for cheap that had a bent front frame. I found a good stripped frame and swapped everything over and rode it for several months until it started having engine problems which I couldn't afford to fix at the time and sold it off.
During a recent trip to S.A. I was stunned by the enormous use of motorcycles, along with the soaring gas prices, the thought of a motorcycle started to make ALOT of sense. So I jumped on the internet and started looking at the options. I wanted a commuter bike for a 40-mile round trip to and from work. As we currently own two Honda vehicles I wanted to stick with Honda, but they just didn't have what I was looking for, the closest thing that caught my eye was their 919. But it seemed to much power and too expensive.
Then I came across the Versys, it appeared to fit the bill in every way. The hardest part was convincing my wife that it would be practical, efficient and safe transportation, as I drove a truck back and forth to work at 19mpg five days a week. So after I got permission we took off to the local Kawa dealer and bought it. It appeared that the dealer wasn't sure what it was and when asked, said that they had yet to sell one.
After not riding for about 15 years the bike made my re-acquaintance with motorcycle riding very forgiving and it practically drove itself. It's been more than I expected and the lines are very pleasing and aggressive looking. I am very antsy to get to the 500 mile mark so I can get more from it and not feel like I'm in a 125cc scooter while riding down the highway.
I was born in MD and grew up on the Eastern Shore, I met my wife in Memphis and after spending over 15 years away from home we decided it was time for her to spend some time back in her hometown and have lived here since '03.
Regarding this new bike, the Kawasaki Versys, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a handsomely good looking practical commuter motorcycle with power to spare.
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