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Hi Y'all from Atlanta, GA,

Just got a new to me 2011 Verys 650 with 3,400 miles on her. Need to go over her with a fine tooth comb but a short test ride did not reveal anything major.

I have been riding a Vulcan 900 custom for the past 3 years, was my first bike after a 35 year break (getting married having kids, getting them through collage....).

The vulcan has been a great bike and a blast to ride, almost 20K miles in 3 years riding the N GA mountains, but I guess I am more of a geek than cool and the cruiser skin just did not feel quite right. I think the final straw was a visit to a local Harley Dealership that had a St Patrick day event recently, instead of a leather vest and skull cap, I show up with full riding gear a modulating headlight, hi viz vest and a full coverage modular helmet. No leathers, patches, wallet on the end of a chain or gray beard, bot did I look out of place. The only HD I ever considered owning was the v-Rod (liquid cooled) and they stopped production of that last year. Nothing against HD or the guys that ride them (most seem like nice folks) just not my thing.

When I was in my late teens and early 20's I rode standard bikes i.e. Honda 50 four. I think I will like my Versys 650 once I get use the foot controls (way different feeling than the cruiser).

I found the vulcan forum a great place to get information and provide tips when needed.

Looking forward to being active member of this forum.

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