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Don't want to step on any Versys toes here, but I thought it would be nice to share with the group anyway.

Ever since I let the wife try out my V-Strom last weekend she has realized that there is a whole world of bikes out there beside her Versys. So today we went over to our trusty BMW dealer to look around. We both thought that the 2010 G650gs would be a good place to start (since it’s really the only bike in her price range). The sales folks had a nice little red one on the floor and the sales guy said we could get it out the door for 8300. Not bad considering it lists for 7900. Then she went to look at the used bikes and there, fully loaded, was a G650gs with 100 miles on it, with engine guard, luggage and skid plate for 6900 OTD!!! The catch? It was white and had been pitched as a bike for the police dept. But the department just wanted to stick with bigger bikes. The sales guy let her take it out for a test spin despite a bit of rain and she said that it ran like a charm. Unfortunately, she felt like it just didn’t have enough power for her ( her bike has lots of torque so its pretty ‘zippy’ on the top end). So we are letting everyone know that it’s available because the GM down there was super nice and worked incredibly hard with us.
It is the perfect little beginner bike for someone. At only 29.5” for seat height it’s great for the vertically challenged among us. The bike is at BMW/Triumph here in SLC.
801.936.4600 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 801.936.4600 end_of_the_skype_highlighting talk to Jeremy, he is the one who helped us out and he is an amazingly decent guy. Just thought we would let you all know….


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