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Joined looking for a low gel seat and to find out
more options for my new '08. Looks like a well
run forum with plenty of tech-heads to share

Local MSF Instructor friend has same bike but
highly modified. I'm 60 so not so much interested
in extreme makeover, just adding luggage and
select accessories like Givi windshield, frame-
sliders & stand spools, mirror extenders, etc.

Last 28k miles spent on a highly modified Honda
SilverWing but come from long history of riding.
Versys seems like a long lost dream come true
(think two-stroke street scramblers, Triumph
Trophy (single carb 650 w/high pipes)). Ha ha,
you know, go anywhere bikes, we thought.

Gotta get up an avatar and find my way around.
I have a lot of questions and hope to make some
new friends. Let's ride.

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Welcome to the group. I just replied to your inquiry about my center stand jack through email. Thanks for the inquiry.

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Question? Did you used to post on Maxi-Scoots?


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Use to post on Maxi-Scoots


Question? Did you used to post on Maxi-Scoots?

Ha ha, still do! I have to sell my beloved
SilverWing (too many bikes on insurance
now) but after 28k miles I'll always have
a soft place for those super practical
super scooters. (Actually having a heck
of a time readapting to bike riding in the
cold without all that fairing and windshield)

I ride year round in most any weather and
really got spoiled on the SWing. I have
GOT to find and order a real windshield
for my RKV and buy that $30 set of under-
handgrip heating elements my MSF buddy
told me about. 52 more miles towards
break-in today about froze me (high 36°).

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I started the New Bike Bug Bite thread on Maxi Scooters and all of a sudden you became a convert. I just found this forum so I am soliciting input. I still can't make up my mind but I am leaning towards the Vstrom. How long had you been looking for a new bike or was it an impulse buy and did you look at the Vstrom?

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Nah, just crazier than you, Rick. I froze my
patooties off today at 36° high but came
home a happy man. Once I thawed out.

Yeah, Riviezzo, I'd been wondering for a long
time about whether dual-sport or whatever
these things are called could finally do what
I always wished my old street scramblers
could but didn't. Your thread pointed me at
those three contenders and my research
just ended up with the Kawasaki on top.

My best bud rides a Kawasaki cruiser that
in my opinion surpasses the GoldWing, at
least for MY take on cruising. I've ridden
GW's enough and his Nomad shifts and
handles better in every respect. To include
buzzing the back around if the U-turn is
sharper than the bike goes.

My wife fancies herself a Cruiser Girl
and rides a new Kawasaki Vulcan 900 LT.
What a fine ride. So smooth and easy
to pilot. Again, the shifting is all
Kawasaki positive, to include that neat
neutral finder for the one in a million
screwup when you need it. I don't
like the riding style with your feet
way out front but she digs it and
what makes her happy makes me happy.

I wouldn't own a Beemer again for a
number of reasons and the VStrom
was too heavy. The Kawasaki was
love at first sight and the more I learn
about it the happier I am to have found
such a truly remarkable machine. I will
never, ever push this machine to its
limits. (If I'd had this bike thirty or
forty years ago, holy crap!)

I know the agony you're going through
and I feel for you. I had no idea I was
looking for another bike. But that dirt
limitation has been eating at my psyche
like a cancer and the Versys is the cure,
at least for me. If you haven't ridden
it, try to get a ride.

In 28,000 miles I never put my wife on the
SilverWing. But this week as soon as the
weather warms up, we're riding over to that
big hilly field in Daleville where she first rode
her Volusia and I'm just going to hand her
the keys and let her go. I'm that confident
that she can just climb aboard and do it.

As soon as she figures out to lift her weight
off the seat for the gentle bumps and rough
places in the field we will hit the road and I
wouldn't be surprised if she wants me to keep
the cruiser. (OMG, imagine two Versys' in
one family... too much!)

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:welcome: to the site from 2 states over (LA). This forum and the 'V' know how here are awesome.
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