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As part of the bike club we belong to they have a annual road trail rally. This is a great day away with a good time had once we camp up for night with a few drinks and some good music and games going later. The ride is divided into two sections, you tape instructions to your tank and have to follow instruction to the lunch destination, the take your time amd Km's and at 2nd stage they give you new instructions. Yours truley does not do well at these events as always gets pinged for going to fast and point are taken off if you arrived to quick but i did not care as had only come off night shift 7am that morn and had to be at rally start bt 11am.

So the first photo is a dumb one of my breakfast I made for myself to get me going, these are eggs from our own chickens (we have 4 chickens) my lovely wife had already left to fill her bike up and make sure she got the ride instruction for me.

Next pic's are a couple from starting point at my home city of Timaru

Then we have a shot at the lunch destination at cave and the restart of 2nd leg.

My wife Keri sitting on bike not long after we arrived and final destination at woodbury.
then a shot of the helmet throwing competition of which I came 2nd.

A shot of me sitting on my new best friends Busa, we both rode the 2nd part of the 2nd leg passing a lot of bikes and came into final at same check point at same time but he did leave from start 2 minutes before me, the V was 12 min under time the busa was 10 min but good news for us V riders is that the v was faster in first section and equal 1st time in 2nd section but that does not mean anything as we lost points for being to fast, seems stupid to me but I missed the original instruction breifing due to getting more sleep.

They then organised a skills riding comp as it was slowest time between hoses that won, my lovely wife decide to take my V through as well as her cruiser but we had a lot of fun.

At night in the old hall we had a good feed and some novelty games such as teams of 3 trying to move those silly wooden planks in a race.

At about 11am at night we decided we were not going to stay here after all and ride home, had only had one beer and a wine so was all good and it is only a 35 min ride home so we just went nice and slow as my wife is not used of night riding.

All in all was a great event and we had a lot of fun as a couple and great to meet new people from around the country.

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That kind of activities should do wonders for a family.:thumb:

trust both of you had a good time and thanks for sharing.

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