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Givi TN422 engine guard questions

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Hi guys, two questions here in this first post, regarding the Givi TN422 engine guards. Anybody using these?

Found one extremely large online vendor/marketplace that lists an alleged shipping weight of 8.8 lb. Does that sound plausible? Unfortunately, manufacturers frequently lie about the weight. Looking for the lightest available engine guards. 15+lb (???) of SW Motech doesn't sound that appealing. (Really like the SW Motech luggage rack I have... But it's a little overbuilt; and I removed the 1.8 lb platform in back.)

Also, found a review on RevZilla that says you can successfully mount it under the emissions canister cover for California models, but, wouldn't mind getting that confirmed?

Got my 2012 bumblebee yellow and black V2 10 days ago. Hoping it's a keeper. Previous owner had bad low-speed crash, messed him up really badly but the versys did pretty good. Right side radiator cover seemed to do a great job protecting radiator.

I have handguards on all three of my dual sports, they have been fantastic for low-speed crash protection. Definitely planning on some for versys, even tho expensive.

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I can recommend the ZETA XC handguards - put them on BOTH my Gen 1s ('08 and '09), and then 'decided' to test them w/ 20 to 30 mph low-sides.

Despite some damage to BOTH bikes, I rode them home (the '09 for about 3,500 kms).
I use the SWM engine guards and they've already done their job a few times. I used Givi on a previous V-Strom and they worked as expected as well.

If you're trying to lessen the expense... find some handguards on the fleabay... I have some inexpensive guards on my V and they've worked well.
I have the SW-motech engine guards on my Gen1, and I've "tested" them on multiple occasions. Not a single scratch found on the engine or fairings, only a bent lever and scratch marks on the engine guard itself to add "character" to the bike.
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Thx guys ... Givi engine guards are on the way, I will weigh them and post the results. Two sellers reported shipping weights of 9lbs and "about 10lbs."

Managed to get the $30 eBay handguards installed, using the OEM handlebar weight bolts. Jettisoned the weights, haven't missed those yet. To install, used several washers on ends, maybe one at sides; and had to loosen the brake line banjo fitting and rotate it up a bit. Had to ditch The handlebar mounted cable ties. May get Zeta XC eventually. Barkbusters Storms seem too big; OEM too small and expensive.

Hoping to put some DIY foam bumpers on the crash guards to dampen impacts. Maybe a bit of something on handguards as well. Now, or some kind of radiator protector...

Bike seems to work fairly well in dirt. Much better than 2002 SV650N it replaces. Attribute much of this to the ergos.

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Here's what the ZETA XC guards look like on the V.

2010-11-02 - 001 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

Plus they have an added benefit - when it's HOT out it's EASY to remove the plastic parts, then put the screws back into the holes so you don't lose them, and you get cooler hands.

DSC08190 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr


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Givi TN-422 arrived. How much does it weigh?

Shipping weight of 11 lb.

Removed from cardboard carton with packing paper, it's 9 lb total as shrink-wrapped from the manufacturer. I figure that approximately 1 lb of fasteners and maybe spacers already on the bike will be replaced by the Givi items, so, total TN 422 installation weight increase of approximately 8 lbs.

The engine guards themselves weigh a total of 7 lbs, not including brackets and fasteners and spacers.

Not super happy about all that weight. The bars themselves seem overbuilt a bit, with one side looking like a weld will fail before the bars. (Nor terribly happy about scratching up the frame where the bars clamp onto it, either.)

But, reckon I'd better bite the bullet. Sounds like they may help keep the left footpeg from being ripped off, and sure looks like they could help protect the radiator. Etc! (Maybe they will protect me somewhat from doing wheelies also. ;- )

(Will also be using handguards and soft or hard bags... soft bags in particular are nice when dropping bikes... And I am still thinking of a bit of thick foam around the crash bars to cushion.)
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