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Just thought I'd mention the comfort I now have after throwing the below bicycle gel saddle pad (available at my local REI Sports Store) on TOP of my Corbin seat.


I don't care what the Corbin website says, to me, the Corbin is a very hard seat.

I wanna say about 6 years ago, I bought one of these gel pads to test on my Honda VLX 600. I liked it so much, I bought the wife one for the passenger seat. I'm still using the same ones, so they hold up very well.

A couple of "you should know" points: 1. it sits on top of your existing seat, 2. since it's not attached, it could be easily, shall we say, be borrowed, 3. if left in the sun, the gel does absorb heat (so park in the shade or do something to get it out of direct sun, 4. it will lift you up about 3/4" so if you're already on your tippey toes, this may not be for you.

Like I said, I bought mine over 6 years ago and they're still in great shape. I think REI has a pretty generous return policy so (check with the store to be sure) I think you could try it and if your not satisfied with how it feels, return it. Back when I bought it, it was around $35, now it's up to $40. I found it to be well worth the relatively low cost.

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