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Morning all, thought I'd share the following for the common good.

Fuel pump died on my 08 (has only 11,000 miles), I've only had the bike for a few months and had never run out of fuel, but, coincidently, the night before the pump failed I dropped the bike - had just got home, put down side stand, got off and bike fell over - clearly hadn't fully engaged the stand. Anyways not sure if that is a contributing factor to pump failure or not?

Checked for pumps online, entire pump module lists for $300, so separated and took pump out to test and see if I could revive, but it was a gonner.

Searched evilbay and found (after a lot of digging) HighFlow Fuel Systems, in Ventura CA.

Their pump HFP-397, is a direct replacement for the Versys pump, you will have to reuse your own original filter, as the one which comes with the pump will not work.

$69.98, free shipping, lifetime guarantee.

See my next post for how I managed to [email protected]#$ things up!
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