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I was reminiscing today about some things in my past and remembered a not to nice thing I did to one of my friends many years ago, but it was funny. I thought members here might enjoy a little story.

Please post you stories if you would that you think we might find interesting or funny.

A night at Mardi Gras:

While on active duty with the Army many years ago I was assigned to a University in Central Texas to teach ROTC. One time, I and another NCO were assigned the duty of taking the University Drill Team to New Orleans during Marti Gras to march in one of their parades. We actually had billeting on the carrier Enterprise that happened to be in port at that time. After getting everything taken care of on board, we took off for a night in New Orleans.

My friend and I hit several places in short order and needless to say, it wasn't long before we were pretty well lit. We wandered into another bar which for some reason wasn't very crowded and took a seat at the bar. The bar ran from the front to the rear of the establishment and on the far end there was a woman that immediately got my friends attention. My friend fell in love with a beautiful, and I mean beautiful blond, sitting at the far end of the bar and jabbed me in the ribs with his elbow to make sure I saw her. About that time, she gives my friend a smile and that's all it took. He was off the stool and down there talking to her. I could see him putting the hard hit on her as I nursed my beer and looked around at the other patrons of the bar. I wasn't as fortunate as my friend so I sat there for a while and my friend suddenly returns. He quickly informs me that he thinks he has a chance, but she is waiting for her boyfriend. He said that she told him if her boyfriend doesn't show up shortly, she will be available. My friend is all a twidder and takes off to the restroom to return some of the beer he had drunk.

The bartender was standing there and I asked him what the deal was with the woman at the end of the bar. He politely informs me that that's no woman. Ok, I get the picture and thought this was a good time for a practical joke. When my friend returned I told him that while he was in the restroom the woman came down and told me how attractive she thought he was and she really hopes her boyfriend doesn't show up. That was hard to say with a straight face, but he ate it up and was back down talking with her in a flash. I finally broke down and started laughing hysterically as I watched him try and love up on her. I could hardly sit on the stool I was laughing so hard. Noticing my hysterical laughter, my friend took a break from his romancing and came back down to me see why I was laying on the floor laughing. He demanded to know what was so funny and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t talk. The other patrons in the bar had joined in the laughter as the bartender told him that was a man he was romancing. Well, the fight was on and after all was said and done we staggered to another bar still friends, but with a wary eye of women the rest of the night.
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