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Forks out for an oil service today and modifying (again) the compression shim stack, to give a more compliant ride

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My first modified Shim Stack arrangement looked like this (y)

My latest shim stack arrangement is now now going to look like this (y)

11mm x 0.40mm = GREY - Clamping Washer
09mm x 0.15mm = GREEN - Spacer Shim
14mm x 0.12mm = YELLOW - Shim
15mm x 0.12mm = PURPLE - Shim
16mm x 0.12mm = RED - Shim
17mm x 0.12mm = BLUE - Shim

The OEM / Stock Setup.also had
Air Gap - Right / Left fork = 75mm / 65mm
Kawasaki recommended fork oil for the Versys is SHOWA SS-8, which has a [email protected]° of 36.8

My Setups have

Air Gap - Right / Left fork = 110mm / 100mm.
The fork oil that has a [email protected]° in the range of 28 to 30.
E.g. a 30% / 70% mix of Motul light (5w) and Motul medium (10w) will make fork oil with a [email protected]° of 29

The result of the test ride is as follows:

I am happy with the result. :cool:
The low speed compression damping has not changed but the Medium to High damping is a little bit better / more composed and subtle (y)

If you have already changed the shim stack arrangement to my Version 1, then it is not worth changing to Version 2 above and doing just that on its own, ie wait until you are doing a fork oil service which should be done every 3 years (y)

HOWEVER: if you have never changed the shim stack on your Mk1 & M2 Versys, it worth doing ASAP and going straight for the Version 2 shim stack arrangement, as it is a vast improvement over the poor OEM setup (y)

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That is an interesting thread. This is what I'll be doing in the winter.

What's the latest shim stack and oil mix for 75kg / 160 lbs rider with no gear? I have motorex here. Belray is pretty expensive here.
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