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This is a generic explanation. I do not own a Versys, but used this procedure on my Honda and it worked great.

1. locate a 12VDC circuit that is controlled by the ignition circuit. Such as the headlights. They only come on when the ignition switch is turned on.
2. Tap this circuit and connect to one side of the coil on a 30Amp 12VDC relay. Connect the other side of the relay coil to a ground point.
3. Connect directly from the 12VDC pole of the battery to one side on an inline fuse for about 15 or 20 amps. Connect the other lead from the fuse to one side to one side of the "Switched" contacts of the relay. Connect the other side of the relay to the 12VDC pole of an auxilary fuse box. (these are available in all auto parts stores, just ask).
4. Install an appropriate sized fuse into the fuse block for the necessary power draw of the component you are hooking up. Run the connection for that fuse to the component you are hooking up. Run the component's negative terminal to ground. That "component" could be a cigarette lighter socket.

This way you have a fuse protecting the relay and the fuse block. Individual fuses protect individual components. The ignition switch, when turned off protects the battery from being depleted if a component is left turned on.

Remember that the total AMPERAGE you can draw on this Aux fuse block cannot exceed the excess output of the alternator or you will draw the battery down to the point that bad things happen.

Hope this helps.

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