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Apparently Admin has followed advice given by us mods and made the classified section For Sale original thread by poster ,the ability to delete their own thread , only in this section. Since I can only log in as a mod, I have no way of testing this.

If all else fails ;

I intend to post in everyone's For Sale add When you sell just post a link in this thread Thank You http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/23-sale/210001-sale-clean-up-please-delete.html

So it seems that the sticky in the For Sale doesn't seem to get all the posters attention, posting SOLD may work if one of us mods looks at the add However Open a second browser , right click and copy link of your add, go to first browser and paste in http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/23-sale/210001-sale-clean-up-please-delete.html
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