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To spare the wiz from some typing, I must say a few things.

I don't have the impression that you are measuring correctly. You mention volts when talking about current...
Don't expect any current (amps) while the stator is disconnected for voltage measurement!
Don't try to measure amps straight through your amps meter it will just burn its internal fuse and indicate 0 amps.

The volts from each stator phases are alternating (AC voltage, no DC). You should see between 24 and 28 AC volts at 2000 rpms. That is the test recommended in those threads.

Once reconnected to the regulator, above 2000 rpms, its DC output (simply measurable at the battery) should be around 14.3 - 14.5 DC volts
(and very small traces of AC volts, like 0.1 or less, from the imperfection of the regulator).

Hope this helps.
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