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About a year or so ago, I sold my '16 FJR1300A to go smaller. Bought a '21 Z900RS and outfitted it to become my UJM/ST. Love the bike, the prettiest I've owned in 45 years of riding. Meets all of my performance and riding needs except one- it's no good for 2 up riding, as I sadly discovered.

I had purchased my FJR so my high school age daughter could ride w/me. When she went off to college last year I decided the FJR was too much for most of my needs, sold it and bought the Z. Then she comes home for spring break and asks to go for a ride. We gear up and go and w/in 10m she's squirming. By the end of the hour, we're home again- she hates it.

To my chagrin, I'm likely now going to sell or trade the Z and go back to an ST. Initially, I didn't want to buy another FJR and set my sights on a '15-18 Versys 1000. We'd test ridden those before and she liked them. At 100+ lbs lighter than the FJR, I figured this would be an ok compromise. I've shopped, found a couple that suit my needs and almost pulled the trigger but...

I'm a long time Kawi guy but I'm having trouble falling for the V1K tho as it lacks many of the amenities offered by the FJR. And yday, my brother bought a new-to-him '16 FJR and I got the twang again for one.

So now I'm torn between 'settling' for the V1K or just getting another FJR. I know- first world problem. In a perfect world, I'd keep the Z, buy another FJR or V1K but no can do. And no, not interested in a '19+ V1K either.

Curious why you don’t like the newer V1000? Lots of great features and comfortable riding position. The suspension is awesome and great lighting. Plenty big enough for 2-up.

If you get a chance to test ride one, you might enjoy
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