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Aug 6 of last year I posted a quick review of FirstgearJaunt T2 on my blog. I purchased from motorcyclegear . com

Update – it's not waterproof

Well, it *is* kinda waterproof. The outside fabric is not, but there is an internal Hypertex membrane. It might be waterproof but the whole jacket gets waterlogged, and very heavy, and all the zippers and vents leak even when closed up.

It is a warm jacket. It is an effin’ hot jacket in North Carolina in June. Even in the summer in Massachusetts it is hot. The vents are effective when open but the jacket needs a good airflow to vent properly. Slow speeds, waiting in traffic or at lights, it heats rapidly.

It is still hella HiViz yellow and not getting too dirty. I’ve heard HiViz described as getting dirtier than a diaper after a short use. Mine seems fairly un-smudged.

The back is long so it is not supposed to ride up. It does ride up. I need to keep pulling it down and sitting on it again and again. Just standing over expansion joints is enough to get it to blow up. Forget riding on the pegs at any sort of speed. It will billow around you. There is a two part velcro belt but it sits at the lower rib cage, not low on the waist or hips so it doesn’t help keeping the jacket in place.

The pockets and pocket velcro are lacking, not is velcro-ness but in design. The pockets are liner type fabric. They are pouches. They pull out easy, especially with wet hands, or wet or dry gloves. Sewing these into the liner or sewing them down inside somehow would likely alleviate this issue.

The arm straps, used to hold the jacket from flapping, are not to useful. Tightened, they restrict airflow. Loose, they are well, loose. Arms flap, but not too much.

The reflective strips seem OK, as least in photos!

Overall, was it worth $150.00 I paid for it. Almost, but only as a fall/winter/spring jacket when there is no weather happening.

Would I but it again, even at a sale price? No.
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