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After work yesterday I went for a ride with my wife. She was lagging behind a bit so I slowed down to let her catch up. There were a few houses on my left on this quiet country road. In one of the driveways there was a guy messing around on a Yamaha racing quad. He spied me and I spied him. He tore out the drive and got on my wheel. I was making a left hand turn onto a nice straight section. I slowly went through the interesection and he followed. I motioned for him to come up along side and he did. We looked each other in the eye and nodded...

My V was sorta still in break-in so I've been taking it easy, but the moment called and time for easy was over. My first throw down and I gave her what she had. Holy crap did that feel goooood. The front wheel lofted through second and in short order I was at 70mph and I looked in the mirror and he was still back there but losing ground quickly. The next I looked the tach said 9K and the speedo said 111mph and he was dust in the wind. I had an ear to ear grin, my first shake down and I was impressed with how the little V handled it. :D

I can honestly say this bike has lots of potential to get me in trouble with the law. :badidea:

Enjoy, Mike
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